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We were over the moon to be invited to visit an old farmhouse south of Edmonton last week. We were given no indication as to what we would find….and even if we had come back with nothing,  the thrill of the hunt and exploring the beautiful Alberta landscape would have been enough for these girls! When we did finally arrive and turned into the driveway our hearts skipped a beat as we saw the weathered beauty of the cutest little farmhouse.


Uninhabited for many years, it was showing its age. The story & half, complete with a front porch, was probably the perfect little family home in its day. We are sure she served her family well & that many happy years were spent between her walls. But with being left forgotten it was hard to appreciate what once was.

What will our current day homes look like years from now? There will be no beautiful distressed wood siding as everything is either vinyl or cement board. All the more reason to be saving everything that we can, while we can!!

As we entered the side door it became very apparent that if left for to long some unwanted small four legged animals will invade! Evidence of this was straight ahead of us with the largest mouse nest we had ever seen! Also the smell of diesel from the heater in the basement was very apparent, this only set us back for a moment though. We forged ahead with our toques over our faces, thinking…note to self, next time bring a mask! The main floor didn’t reveal many treasures worth saving but the attic…that was a different story. It is such a happy day for us when underneath all the paper and boxes reveals a beauty of a cabinet BUT to find 3 pieces made us want to jump up and down. Can you believe that according to the owner they had been up in the attack since they purchased the house? Had we not had the opportunity to go in they would have been destroyed when the house was demolished. Stop and think how often this must happen, pretty discouraging actually. Here are some pics of the three pieces…..prior to cleaning & repairing of course but you can see their potential for sure!





Now we don’t have any pictures of the manoeuvring we had to do to get these out of the attic….but if you picture a very narrow, steep staircase with a 90 degree turn at the bottom & then picture the whole piece basically resting on me cause there was no room side to side. What a girl will do to get a piece of furniture out of an attic, we definitely rocked it!! After retrieving these larger pieces there were a few small treasures found as well as some exterior storm & screen windows. Unfortunately the actual windows couldn’t be salvaged until closer to demo day, but we will certainly try our best to get those as well. We did save the porch door, that totally looks handmade. As well as some screen doors and window frames to re-purpose.






With all the excitement of our finds, a small over site was whether it would all fit in the back of my truck! Where there is will there is a way and we were not about to leave anything behind. Leaving the tailgate open and straps were our only option in the back. Our partner in crime Jeri was squished in amongst the windows in the back seat. Thank you Jeri for doing that for us!


Thanks for taking a few moments to read our blog & sharing in our experiences! To all you vintage loving souls out there we love & appreciate everything you do to help save a piece of history!




T & C

P.S. Here is a closer look at the massive beehive on the outside of the house. The main reason we had to go in the winter!!



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