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To say the last month has been busy is an understatement! As many of you have already visited our new location you know first hand the amount of work we accomplished in a very short amount of time. We were so excited to get into our new space and provide you with a better shopping experience, there was no time to lose!

Caroline & I thought it was important to share with you a few of the up-cycling projects we completed for our space. Like many of you thinking of renovating or changing up the decor in your homes there is ALWAYS a budget. We had a definite budget in mind, spend as little as possible!! So with our creative minds working together we came up with, what we think, were some very appropriate re-purposing projects for our space that saved us money & reused old items.

So for you to appreciate what we had to work with, maybe we should start with the before picture…..

Primary colors filling the walls & two different floorings covered the floors

Primary colors filling the walls & two different floorings covered the floors

It wasn’t the easiest space to have a vision for when all you saw was the red and blue! But this is what it looked like after we were done with it.


We started by painting those walls so the space could feel softer and welcoming.  Sherwin Williams colour matched Country Chic’s Sage Green for us which is a colour we both agreed complimented many of our vintage pieces and home decor. The white batons on the front walls made a natural frame for a wainscotting, which we decided would be reclaimed pallet wood. This was a labour intensive process of taking the pallet’s apart, cutting & mixing the boards up to curate a nice variety….thanks Rob! Our initial thought was to give all the boards a white wash with Miss Mustard Seed’s paint but once they were up, we fell in love! Hemp oil was all these pallet boards needed to bring out their natural, imperfect beauty.

Before applying Miss Mustard Seed's Paints Hemp Oil

Before applying Miss Mustard Seed’s Paints Hemp Oil

After!! Amazing what this product can do.

After!! Amazing what this product can do.



Next up was creating a focal point behind our cash counter. If you have been around Cochrane for a while you may know that our store space and the two adjoining spaces were once a General store. There are many doorways in our space that are sealed from both sides including a sliding door that was situated right behind our cash counter…the old track is even still there under a face board. We decided we needed to do something with it to liven it up…..our old 2×2 ceiling tins ended up being the answer.  Nine of them fit the door perfectly, creating a beautiful antique tin panel but we definitely needed something to frame them in to make it more like a piece of art. Thanks to Ben’s $5 pile of auction wood & Rob’s planer……and of course HEMP OIL we created this…..


Old wood before & after it was put through the plainer

Old wood before & after it was put through the plainer



We finished off each side of the panel with horizontal shiplap painted with Sherwin Williams Pure White and yes the tin is magnetic!!

Our space is quite deep, so we felt it was important to create a faux wall to break up the length a little. Carolyn had a vision of a wall of windows…..our husbands weren’t sure but you are never supposed to question the designer, right? These old windows come from various houses throughout Alberta and could have ended up in a landfill. Instead they are beautiful again as part of our collage.





We had a two openings that led from the front part of the store to the middle that needed a little something… was decided that curtains were in order but with neither Caroline or I being sewers we had to be very creative. Let me just say for this project all we needed was old barn wood, fabric, a staple gun and a little rope!!



Fabric purchased at Fabricland



Above these openings we painted smooth pressboard with Country Chic’s Liquorice to make a chalkboard. It will house chalkboard art through out the year and our “Save the World” buy Vintage sign we had made.

the space above before it was converted to a chalkboard

the space above before it was converted to a chalkboard







We also found a creative use for some of our vintage bobbins  in our Boutique area!





What would our space be without a couple barn doors? Ben covered two of our back walls that were royal blue with horizontal shiplap that we also painted with Sherwin Williams Pure White which left a perfect backdrop for an old barn door.


The doors from the original store made the journey over as well

The doors from the original store made the journey over as well

We have made our selves right at home in our new space and are looking forward to a busy fall, full of workshops and inspiration. Thanks to everyone who has come to visit over the last two weeks!! Your support means everything to us & there is nothing we love more than to see familiar faces walking through our door. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

Tanya & Caroline


p.s…….here are a few more photos of the space full up with vintage goodness!








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